Standard – PE Film


A transparent and flexible masking foil with a high density and static (corona) treatment make it stick to the surface immediately after application and avoids paint flaking. Suitable for automotive refinishing works, paint masking & overspray protection. Usable for water-based paints. Protects the surface from dust, paint and moisture. Usable with the dispenser DIS010NA for easy application.

Carrier Polyethylene film (PE)
Adhesive No adhesive
Thickness 10 micron
UV resistance 0 Weeks
Temp. Resistance 110 °C

Compare our Film and paper

Product Carrier Adhesive Thickness UV resistance Temp. Resistance
Premium – Self adhesive PE film
Polyethylene film (PE) Acrylic 47 micron 8 Weeks 60 °C
Standard – PE Film
Polyethylene film (PE) No adhesive 10 micron 0 Weeks 110 °C
Standard – Kraft Paper
Kraft paper No adhesive 10 micron 0 Weeks 40 °C
Premium – Self Adhesive Kraft Paper
Kraft paper Acrylic 65 micron 2 Weeks 60 °C

Film and paper

This is how it’s used

FIlm and paper are mainly used by plasterers, painters and vehicle paint shops. There are different types of film and paper for different applications, for example, the variant with adhesive coating is perfect for conditions where the film or paper may be blown away.


Some films are statically charged, which means that the film sticks to the surface and spilt paint also sticks to the film. The film is also folded in such a way that unfolding is very easy.

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    Standard – PE Film
    No adhesive
    10 micron
    UV resistance
    0 Weeks