The company

In 2006, ATS All Tape Supplies B.V. started as a family company in Belgium. Servaas Dankers and Felipe Muñoz Mateu are starting a new company, but not from scratch. All told, they brought more than two decades of experience with them and started as a broad and flexible supplier of self-adhesive tape. And this essence is still the foundation after 17 years. 4 production lines and kilometres of tape down the line, All Tape Supplies is still the leader in the market.

A family company

Without satisfied and successful customers, we are not satisfied or successful. In order to achieve this, we think with you as entrepreneurs. We will always do our very best to develop a product together with you that provides you with the best result. In doing so, we feel and accept responsibility.

The result of your assignment is just as important to us as it is to you. You, the customer, are the central focus. We keep our promises. You can rely on and trust us, because your success is also our success.

The story of All Tape Supplies

The story of All Tape Supplies starts just over the border, in Poppel. Founders Servaas and Felipe started their company there on the basis of more than two decades of experience. In 2007, the first production line was put into service. Successfully, because a second production line was added a year later.

Due to increasing demand, the building in Poppel became too small and ATS moved to Tilburg. There, ATS still has 5,000 m2 of surface area. In recent years, ATS won various awards, and started to focus on private label.

The building where ATS was founded in 2006.

Founders Servaas and Felipe.

Over the years, ATS has won various awards.

Focus on Private Label.

The current ATS facility.

ATS has its own laboratory where various (practical) tests can be carried out.

Core values of ATS


For us, entrepreneurship means expanding by helping our customers to develop their business operations. We will always do our utmost to work with you to develop products that give you the best results in terms of quality, applications and costs. To do this, we have a flexible attitude and we work continually to improve our own processes. We think with you in every way and take your ideas and feedback very seriously. Our efficiency is your gain!


Finding the right solution for your requirements means that we have to take responsibility for every step in the production process. The result of what you want us to make is just as important to us as it is to you. We will do everything necessary and usually go an extra yard to get the best out of ourselves and to ensure that your requirements are met beyond expectation.

Customer focus

For us, all customers are equally valuable, which also is why we enable them to play a key role in our production process. We are not afraid to ask you questions, we can see things from your perspective and you can rely on us to provide the very best service. Because we firmly believe that your success is also our success, you can count on and trust us to deliver on our promises.


At ATS, you will not only be working on beautiful products for various customers, but also on your own development in a pleasant environment and with a close team.

Are you looking for a job in which you can develop yourself and which offers space to develop your own initiatives? Apply here!