Private Label

You can easily make your own Private Label with our high-quality tapes. A deviating size, or your own label; customization is no problem, we’re happy to help.

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Get set up in 3 steps

Private Label customisation is supplied quickly and easily. You can turn our high-quality tapes into your own brand in just 3 steps.

Choose your tape

There is a suitable tape for every application. Choose the tapes that you would like to turn into a Private Label tape from our range.

Add your packaging

There are also many options for packaging. Contact us, and together we will create a packaging that meets your requirements. We have listed a number of options for you on the following page.

Delivery & service

After receiving your order, your Private Label products will be ready for delivery within 8 working days.

Do you have a specific question about the products or Private Label options? Contact us, we’re at your service.

The advantages of Private Label

Your own brand allows you to be independent, because you can choose your own product and price strategy.

Your own brand provides exclusivity and distinguishes you from the competition. Your own brand is only sold where you want it to be.

The consistent quality of ATS also ensures loyalty, so your customers stick with you.

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Are you curious about what we can do for you? Or how your Private Label tape will look? Request a sample free of charge and obligation.

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Frequently asked questions

In which dimensions can I buy tape?

ATS is a converter, which means we purchase tape from renowned sources over the whole world in jumbo size. We convert these jumbo rolls into tape rolls of any desired size in our facility in the Netherlands.

Can I get a sample before I order?

Depending on your selected Private Label options, we can make a digital or physical sample for you.

What is the delivery time of Private Label products?

We deliver our Private Label products within 8 working days after the order confirmation. A longer delivery time may apply to the first order due to the purchase of intermediate products with your print. We will inform you of this when you place an order.

Do you also make/supply printed tape?

No, we do not make printed tape. ATS focuses on delivering the right dimensions of tape and packaging.

Can ATS help me design my private label?

Certainly! We can quickly make simple designs for you for free. More complex designs are outsourced. Would you like to take care of the design process yourself? No problem, we have various templates available so you can start designing immediately. For more information, please see our blog. You can of course also contact one of our specialists.

What is the MOQ of private label tapes?

Our Private Tapes have a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) starting from 12 boxes per size. The MOQ depends on the Private Label options you select. We’re happy to advise you about the possibilities, please contact us for more information.

Can I request a sample?

ATS has a sample stock for the best-selling products so we can quickly send you a sample. After you contact us, an employee will discuss the right tape(s) for your application with you.