Selecting washi tape

We help you choose the washi tape that best suits your purposes

Selecting the washi tape that best aligns with your wishes, or the job you want to use the tape for, can be tricky. Washi tape is the best choice for painters and plasterers, but of course different types of washi tape are best for different uses. We are happy to help you choose the washi tape! Below, we will delve deeper into the particular of washi tape and we will show you what you should be mindful of when choosing the most suitable washi tape. What surface are you applying the tape to? Are you using the tape indoors or outdoors? Does the tape need to be heat resistant? These are just a few examples of factors to consider when choosing the best washi tape.

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What is washi tape?

Washi tape takes its name from the Japanese washi paper. This paper is the carrier used for washi tape. The paper is thinner but stronger than traditional crepe paper. The main benefit is that the thin tape forms itself better to the surface it is applied to, resulting in sharper paint lines. In addition, washi tape is much stronger than its traditional counterpart, which means the tape is less prone to ripping and tearing during removal. Together, this results in a professional finish with clean, sharp paint lines.

Types of washi tape

Washi tape is available in three different types. Each type has its own unique characteristics and applications for which the specific washi tape is best suited. Below, we will sum up the three different types of washi tape for you, we will look at the benefits that the tapes offer and help you pick the washi tape best suited to your purposes.

Strong washi tape

Strong washi tape is a tape made from fibre-reinforced washi paper and extra high adhesive strength. This washi tape is the best choice for those extra demanding jobs. Think for example of a slightly humid or rough surface. But also for jobs where a surface is being masked before applying of a layer lacquer or varnish, or thicker plaster surfaces, the fibre-reinforced paper of the strong washi tapes will make all the difference.

Why choose strong washi tape

Even in high temperatures, strong washi tape retains its adhesive strength and continues to ensure sharp, clean paint edges. When removing the tape, strong washi tape will not leave any adhesive residue behind. This tape can withstand temperatures as high as 150 degrees centigrade, making it the ideal tape for jobs where masked surfaces are heated in an oven. Another reason for choosing this washi tape is the high UV resistance. Strong washi tape is UV resistant up to 16 weeks, which makes the tape exceptionally suitable for prolonged use.

Sensitive washi tape

Sensitive washi tape is the best tape for you if you are working on vulnerable surfaces. This tape is the thinnest type in the washi tape range. Sensitive washi tape has the lowest adhesive strength, which offers many advantages that will help you choose the most suitable washi tape.

Why choose sensitive washi tape

The main advantage of sensitive washi tape is that the tape can be used on surfaces that are easily damaged. Consider surfaces like wallpaper, plasterboard, decorative frames or, for example, fresh lacquer. That the tape can be used on a fresh layer of lacquer offers an additional advantage! Are you on a tight schedule for this job? Then the sensitive tape is the best option, because you don’t have to wait for the lacquer or paint layer to fully dry and harden.

All-round washi tape

All-round washi tape is the most widely applicable masking tape in our washi tape range. The tape can be used for many different applications, both indoors and outdoors. It is not without reason that professionals have been choosing this washi tape for many years already!

Why choose all-round washi tape

The all-round washi tape can be used on different surfaces and in a wide range of temperatures. A major advantage of this tape is that it is exceptionally well-suited for use in outdoor jobs. Depending on the tape quality, it is suitable for, among other things, water, acrylate or turpentine based paints. Please contact one of our specialists for advice and recommendations for your specific application.


The best tapes for masking

Washi tapes are the best choice for the professional and we hope that we have adequately informed you about the various options. We are happy to help you choose the most suitable washi tape! Do you want to be absolutely certain you’ll find the perfect tape? Take a look at our extensive range and should you have any questions, our professionals are always at your service.