The best masking tape for painters

Would you also like a professional finish of your paintwork? Washi tape makes paintwork easy. Washi tapes guarantee a perfect end result with clean paint lines, even on the most difficult surfaces. Additionally, washi tape is very easy to apply and doesn’t leave behind glue residues. These properties make washi tape the ideal masking tape for painters.

Why choose washi tape?

The unique properties of washi tape make this masking tape ideal for masking during painting. Washi tape is very flexible, tear-resistant, and ultra-thin, making it very user-friendly. Furthermore, washi tape doesn’t let through any paint and it is resistant to UV radiation. This makes the tape perfect for universal masking applications, both indoors and outdoors. In short, there are many reasons why washi tape is often used by painters.


Washi masking tape colours

Did you know the colours of masking tape have a meaning? Washi tape offers the choice of yellow, gold, blue, red, orange, purple, and lilac tapes. Every colour has different properties, aimed at unique applications and/or surfaces. Every painting job is different. Of course, you want to use the tape that ensures the best result. That’s why we’ve listed the best known colours for you.


Yellow and blue washi tape

All-round masking tape for indoors and outdoors:
The yellow and blue washi tape is a universal variant and also the most commonly used masking tape. This tape is suitable for smooth to slightly rough surfaces. This is the standard Japanese washi tape. Due to its golden yellow colour, this tape is also known as gold tape. The blue colour is for users who expect the utmost from the tape in challenging outdoor conditions.


Red and orange washi tape

Rugged outdoor masking tape:
The red and orange washi tape is suitable for rough surfaces, even for the early morning jobs when there’s still dew on the surface. In addition, the red and orange washi tapes are also more resistant to weather conditions such as sun and rain. This makes the tape ideal for outdoor use. Because of the fibre-reinforced washi paper, the tape remains intact when it is removed, even with multiple layers of paint on it.


Purple and lilac washi tape

Sensitive masking tape for indoors:
The purple washi tape is the most sensitive type, intended for indoor applications. The tape is lightly adhesive and therefore very suitable for vulnerable surfaces that must not be damaged. These include paintwork, paper and wallpaper. This tape has no UV resistance compared to other washi tapes and is therefore not suitable for outdoor use.


What is washi tape made of?

Washi tape is made of washi paper. This paper is originally from Japan, where “wa” means Japanese and “shi” means paper. This translucent paper was mainly used for artwork in Japan. Only at the beginning of the 21st century was washi adhesive tape invented, and it was actually mainly used for decoration. However, it became apparent that washi also has the perfect properties for masking paintjobs.


Crêpe tape or washi?

The standard masking tape is made of crêpe, which tears easily and is ideal for short-term use. It’s also easy to write on crêpe, so you can add markings. However, because standard masking tape is less flexible, it allows for less precise masking. This makes clean paint lines more difficult to achieve. Crêpe tape will also tear more easily and leave behind glue residues after removal. The main advantage of washi tape is that it’s flexible and waterproof. This allows you to apply the tape more cleanly in straight lines and around corners. This prevents paint from coming through or under the tape. That’s why washi tape basically always ensures a neater finish than standard crêpe masking tape.

Would you like to know more about masking tapes?

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