All Tape Supplies (ATS) focuses on sustainability and resilience

ATS is bringing several production lines of masking products back to the Netherlands to strengthen its focus on sustainability. The ‘reshoring’ of production lines reduces the CO2 emissions of the entire process from production to delivery. This is because the distance from producer to customer is significantly reduced.

Door de reshoring van onze productielijnen kunnen we een snelle levering garanderen

What is reshoring?

Reshoring is bringing back production (lines) or other business activities from abroad to one’s home country. Its purpose is to shorten the supply chain to reduce harmful gas emissions and fossil fuel use.

Reshoring uitgelegd

Why do we choose reshoring?

The reason we choose reshoring is that we saw a limit to our sustainability efforts. For years we have been doing our best to produce and supply as sustainably as possible, but when a large part of our production lines are located overseas it is like mopping the proverbial water from the tap. Sustainability is, and will continue to be, the main rationale for reshoring our production lines.

The advantage of a shorter supply chain

We have been reshoring multiple production lines for quite some time and it has been paying off for years. Since reshoring the production lines in 2014, our cargo emissions have been reduced by a whopping 66%. A significant improvement!

Reshoring is not the only thing we do here

Reshoring production lines is, of course, a radical undertaking that also pays immediate dividends, but it would be unfair to ignore all the other initiatives and ventures. Especially in a blog post about how we are committed to sustainability.

In addition to reshoring, we at ATS have been working with sustainable products and packaging materials for quite some time. Our products are becoming even more sustainable with reshoring production lines, but we also set high standards for packaging. It’s more than just packaging for the ride from A to B. Packaging also leaves a footprint, and we try to minimize that by consciously choosing sustainable packaging.

Sustainable waste streams

Not only is the supply of products and raw materials as sustainable as possible, the disposal of residual products and waste must also be as sustainable as possible. We cannot avoid producing waste, but we must be aware of the effects that waste has on nature, for example. To deal with this in the best possible way, we cooperate with 3 recycling companies.