Custom washi tape

Custom washi tapes, or in other words, Private Label tape for your company can easily be ordered at ATS. From all the quality (washi) tapes in our range you can make your own custom washi tape in 3 steps. In this article we would like to explain what you can expect from our custom tape, what the advantages are and where you can request a free sample without any obligation. We like to give customers a good idea of what their custom washi tape will look like.

The advantage of your own custom washi tape

The advantage a custom washi tape gives your company is recognition. Your logo or other corporate identity element labeled on the packaging and/or roll of the washi tape, or on the inside of the roll ensures that professionals know they are working with quality products. We combine the high quality of our tapes with your corporate image to build trust with the painters and plasterers who work with your custom washi tape every day. That way, they know what to expect.

Your custom washi tape in three steps
Washi tape is de beste keuze voor schilders en stukadoors

Which tape suits your application best?

We already briefly mentioned it at the top of the article: a custom tape can be made from all the tapes in our range. Now the question is which washi tape best suits your application. To make your choice easier we briefly mention the properties of the various washi tapes from our range:

  • Allround washi tapes
    All-round washi tapes are the perfect tapes for universal masking applications. Both indoor and outdoor.
  • Sensitive washi tapes
    Do you work with sensitive surfaces that are easily damaged? Then our sensitive washi tapes are the perfect choice for you.
  • Strong washi tapes
    Our strong washi tapes perform best on rough and slightly damp substrates. Is a job in a hurry? The strong washi tapes will help you save time.
Our washi masking tapes

Request a free sample

We can imagine that you would like to see what your custom washi tape will look like, so we offer our customers the opportunity to request a sample. We can send you a free sample of almost all washi tapes. Simply request a sample via the button below.


Are you curious about what we can do for i? Or what your Private Label tape could look like? Request a free, no-obligation sample.

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