Allround washi tape

Washi tape for (almost) all applications

All-round washi tape is the perfect masking tape for universal indoor and outdoor applications. It is not for nothing that it belongs to the standard equipment of every professional. Allround Washi Tapes are used by plasterers, painters and in the automotive aftermarket. All-round washi tapes are available in the colors yellow, orange, gold and blue. Each with their own distinctive properties that make them the most suitable washi tape for your application.

The properties of all-round washi tape

Made from Japanese Washi paper, the tape is tear-resistant, produces super sharp paint lines and is thin. The latter ensures that it molds easily to the surface so no paint runs under the tape. We offer our customers a wide choice of all-round washi tapes, from basic to premium plus.

The tapes are:

  • available in the colors yellow, gold and blue
  • suitable for smooth to slightly rough substrates
  • repositionable
  • UV-resistant
  • Can be removed without leaving residues
Our all-round washi tape
Washi tape is de beste keuze voor schilders en stukadoors

Washi tape gold

The washi tape gold guarantees razor-sharp paint lines. This all-round Washi tape can be applied for long periods of time and works well with water-based paints. Even after multiple layers of paint, the tape does not tear and leaves no adhesive residue, during removal. Even when the paint is wet.

Because of its high UV resistance of 16 weeks, the gold washi tape is perfect for outdoor paint jobs. Due to the temperature resistance of 100°C / 30min, this tape can also be used for paint spraying and drying in an oven afterwards.

Washi tape gold

Washi tape yellow

We can supply washi tape yellow in three different versions.

The different yellow washi tapes

The three yellow washi tapes differ from each other on the following properties:

  • The thickness of the washi tape
    Thicker washi tapes are sturdier and can more easily endure multiple layers of paint, but for a job with many sharp corners and/or distinct shapes you are more likely to choose thinner washi tape.
  • The UV resistance of the washi tape
    The longer the tape is UV resistant, the longer the tape can last when used outdoors. Do you use tape a lot outdoors? Then it is good to pay attention to this when choosing a washi tape.
  • The temperature resistance of the washi tape
    Do you use the masking tapes for masking, for example, car parts that are painted and then dried in an oven? Then it is important to pay attention to the temperature resistance of the washi tape.
One of our yellow washi tapes

Washi tape blue

Washi tape blue is the thickest all-round washi tape in our assortment. It is the all-round tape with one of the longest UV resistance, thus the tape of choice for outdoor use. The UV resistance in combination with the thickness of the carrier ensures that the blue washi tape can remain in place for a long time. In projects where multiple coats of paint are a requirement, this is an absolute plus.

Washi tape blue