Premium – Tough


A PE-coated cloth tape, premium quality with a strong 70# cotton cloth carrier and a natural rubber based adhesive. It provides a moisture barrier for indoor and outdoor applications. Suitable for carton sealing, surface protection, bookbinding and many other applications.

Carrier PE coated cloth
Adhesive Rubber
Thickness 300 micron
UV resistance 0 Weeks
Temp. Resistance 80 °C

Compare our Duct Tapes

Product Carrier Adhesive Thickness UV resistance Temp. Resistance
Standard – General Purpose
PE coated cloth Hotmelt 150 micron 0 Weeks 60 °C
Premium – Tough
PE coated cloth Rubber 300 micron 0 Weeks 80 °C
Premium plus – Extra Tough
PE coated cloth Rubber 430 micron 0 Weeks 80 °C
Premium – UV-resistant
PE coated cloth Rubber 300 micron 3 Weeks 80 °C
Premium plus – Entertainment matte finish
PE coated cloth Rubber 300 micron 0 Weeks 80 °C
Premium – Multipurpose
PE coated cloth Acrylic 180 micron 4 Weeks 25 °C

Duct Tapes

This is how it’s used

The rugged Duct Tapes are used for connecting, bundling, repair and protection. Things like closing a hole or bundling tubes at a construction site. But the tape is also used to cover a surface for (sand) blasting among other things. The bonding of Duct Tape is usually stronger, so it can also be used on rough surfaces such as stone walls.

Duct Tape is also a favourite in the entertainment industry and is used on stages, for example; the top is non-reflective and the adhesive is developed in such a way that it does not leave any residues when repositioned or removed.

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    Premium – Tough
    300 micron
    UV resistance
    0 Weeks