Premium plus – Polymide tape


KPT201SI is a 25 micron polyimide tape with a high performance silicone adhesive. This tape has a continuous service temperature range of -73°C to 268°C.
Insulation Grade H UL Listed No. E237601 and RoHS Approved, It is used for protection of gold contacts during wave solder, high temperature masking, insulation of printed circuit boards, automotive and transformer manufacturing, transformer and capacitor insulation, powder coating, coil insulation, motor slot insulation and magnetic wire insulation.

Carrier Polyimide film (PA)
Adhesive Silicone
Thickness 60 micron
UV resistance 0 Weeks
Temp. Resistance 268 °C

Compare our Polyamide Tapes

Product Carrier Adhesive Thickness UV resistance Temp. Resistance
Premium plus – Polymide tape
Polyimide film (PA) Silicone 60 micron 0 Weeks 268 °C
Premium plus – Polymide tape
Polyimide film (PA) Silicone 85 micron 0 Weeks 268 °C

Polyamide Tapes

This is how it’s used

As the name suggests, these tapes are used for high temperatures. These tapes are used, for example, to protect gold contacts during wave soldering or masking at high temperatures. But these polyamide tapes are also used for isolating PCBs, in the automotive and transformer production.

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    Premium plus – Polymide tape
    60 micron
    UV resistance
    0 Weeks