Premium – Mounting


The DSP265SA is a double sided polyester tape with an aggressive adhesive provides a strong permanent bond on a wide variety of substrates. Suitable for mounting of hard to adhere substrates (foams, plastics). Good temperature resistance.

Carrier Polyester
Adhesive Acrylic
Thickness 105 micron
UV resistance 0 Weeks
Temp. Resistance 100 °C

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Product Carrier Adhesive Thickness UV resistance Temp. Resistance
Premium – Mounting
Polyester Acrylic 105 micron 0 Weeks 100 °C

Filmic Tapes

This is how it’s used

The double-sided Filmic tapes are relatively thin, which makes them ideal for connecting smooth surfaces such as metal and glass. Connecting LSE substrates (surfaces with low surface energy) are also no problem for the premium Filmic tapes. These tapes are often used for installation, so they’re a permanent solution.

With heavy-duty stretching, high temperature resistance and the ability to bond LSE substrates, double-sided Filmic tapes are suitable for the most demanding applications.

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    Premium – Mounting
    105 micron
    UV resistance
    0 Weeks