Premium – Medium splicing


DST015SA is a general purpose, high tack double sided tissue tape. It has aggressive adhesive with good holding power. Moreover, DST015SA is perfect for paper splicing, plastic bag sealing, general bonding and lamination. It is also suitable for stationary and household applications.

Carrier Non-woven paper tissue
Adhesive Acrylic
Thickness 150 micron
UV resistance 0 Weeks
Temp. Resistance 100 °C

Compare our Tissue Tapes

Product Carrier Adhesive Thickness UV resistance Temp. Resistance
Basic – Light bonding
Non-woven paper tissue Hotmelt 100 micron 0 Weeks 80 °C
Standard – Light splicing
Non-woven paper tissue Acrylic 100 micron 0 Weeks 100 °C
Premium – Light / medium splicing
Non-woven paper tissue Acrylic 130 micron 0 Weeks 100 °C
Premium – Medium splicing
Non-woven paper tissue Acrylic 150 micron 0 Weeks 100 °C

Tissue Tapes

This is how it’s used

Double-sided tissue tapes consist of a tissue carrier with an adhesive on both sides. This tape is suitable for industrial applications where two ends are joined with an overlap splice, such as in the cardboard and paper industry. The splicing tapes help optimise the process by making sure that the surfaces connect during the process without risk of tearing.

There are different qualities, so you can always choose from the tissue tapes that are compatible with the material you’re splicing. In addition, the tape is also suitable for installation of materials in the POS market.

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    Premium – Medium splicing
    150 micron
    UV resistance
    0 Weeks